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Psychic Adviser, Intuitive Counsellor, Clairvoyant / Multi-Sense Medium.

Deep Trance Medium, Empath, Intuitive Tarot Reader, Metaphysician. Readings using various tools of the trade. Remote Viewer, Non-Invasive Psychic Surgeon, Reiki Grand Master.

Crystal Ball, Psychometric Readings, Scrying.

Psychic, Mediumship, Healing and Complementary Therapy Workshops.

Natural born medium with over 50 years experience of working in the psychic and paranormal fields. Qualified tutor. Witch. Mystic. Mentoring Service available.

After Dinner Speaker and Lecturer on various subjects. Artist and Writer. Published Author.



Private tutoring in various subjects available

Member of:

Education and Teaching Foundation, International Metaphysical Ministry, South Yorkshire Healers / Yorkshire Mediums

Disclaimer: Readings are for guidance only. They are in no way intended to stop you from exercising your own free will. If you have a sitting with a Medium you are reminded that 'spirit' can only advise you, any decisions you make as to how you conduct your life are entirely your own. The Medium/clairvoyant / psychic may give you information that could bring about positive change in your life but any choices you make are your own personal and legal responsibility. You have sought the services provided for yourself and assume full responsibility for your decision. In proceeding with a reading or sitting you are agreeing with the contents of this disclaimer






Brenda during a deep trance / physical mediumship cabinet session (this is the original photo, as taken, with no added colour enhancement, any red tones in the photo are from the red light used for the session)



Ph.D, M.Msc

Specialising in Metaphysical Parapsychology

Reader to many Well-known Personalities and International Clients

Deep Trance, Psychic, Multi-Sense Medium

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Eye-Opening Events
Cocktails & Screams
Sheffield Paranormal Investigations
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Reader to many famous personalities

Brenda is available to assist the Police and Private Investigators with Psychic Detection and Profiling work.

Available for Radio, TV and Press interviews.

You can book Brenda through these agencies:

Cocktails & Screams, ARC Entertainments, Rhythm of your Choice, Calmer Events, Eye-Opening Events.

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