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**All these services must be paid for in advance. 48 hours notice of cancellation must be given; payments can not be refunded in the case of last minute cancellations or non-appearance of client/customers. Please check availabilty of dates and times. (Please be aware there may be quite long waiting list)**

Group or party bookings:

I can carry out group bookings at your premises. Minimum 6, maximum 8 people, (if you are very local I will come out for a minimum of 4 people). Fee is £30 per person, readings minimum 20 minutes which you may record for your reference. No travel expenses charged within 5 mile radius. Over 5 miles I will have to add travel costs according to mileage. Full payment is required upon booking, payable through the Paypal link on this page. Enquiries: mobile 07941322557 or email

I can carry out group bookings for 8-10 people to have a stand up demonstration of mediumship in your own home at £10 per head (plus travel expenses).

I can also come to your workplace or other location. There is no limit to how many people can come along to the demonstration. This is not private readings, I pick people out of the group to give individual messages to. This option covers Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley, Doncaster and Chesterfield areas only.  Before paying, please contact me to arrange a suitable time and date for the event. Not everyone is guaranteed to receive a message. The charge for large groups is £200 - £250 for the event regardless of how many attend. Please pay through Paypal or bank transfer.

Prices vary for other areas in the UK. Enquiries: mobile 07941322557 or email

(In accordance with Government guidelines I have to state that readings are for entertainment purposes only. By saying this it does not mean that I agree with this practice.)




Please remember life is about choice and 'Free Will', so there is nothing that you are "supposed to do" next. However, we can explore your various choices and options, and see where they are likely to lead you so you can make the best choices for yourself. You can change your 'fate' simply by making another choice. It is never too late to choose, and to choose again if you are not happy with the first choice. Knowledge is power, so the more you know, the greater is your power to make the best choices in your life. The future is not set in stone, infinite possibilities exist. You determine the future by the choices you make right now.

Do not forget that other people and events have an influence on your future and can change it. Your reading is based upon your life as it is at this moment in time.



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Reader to big businesses and many famous personalities

Brenda is available to assist the Police and Private Investigators with Psychic Detection and Profiling work.

**Important: Please be aware no refunds will be given if you fail to turn up for your appointment. Please be advised that at least 24 hours notice must be given for any cancellations and rebookings or your fee, or part of it, may be forfieted. **
Disclaimer: Readings are for guidance only. They are in no way intended to stop you from exercising your own free will. If you have a sitting with a Medium you are reminded that 'spirit' can only advise you, any decisions you make as to how you conduct your life are entirely your own. The Medium/clairvoyant / psychic may give you information that could bring about positive change in your life but any choices you make are your own personal and legal responsibility. You have sought the services provided for yourself and assume full responsibility for your decision. In proceeding with a reading or sitting you are agreeing with the contents of this disclaimer
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