Love With A Soulmate

By Brenda Diskin

Smooth, tranquil voice. Melodious music to my ears.
Tender, full lips, Gentle but longing,
Kissing away my salty tears.
His urgent tongue, searching for mine.
My feelings of surprise at this kiss.
So wonderful, so fine.
Sweet. Not tasting of tobacco, although it should.
His beautiful hands with finely groomed nails,
Stroking my face. Making me feel, Oh! So good.
This kind of gentleness is strange to me.

His deepened breathing like a summer breeze
Blowing the long hair away from my face.
His body relaxed, feeling at ease,
Fingers smoothing my cheeks.
Slightly lifting and cupping my chin.
Looking in my eyes, crooked smile, voice asking
"Is this a relationship about to begin?"
Gazing at him, he sees my reply.

Older in looks than his thirty six years.
He is hesitant and nervous. Silently
Willing me to help overcome his fears.
A touch so gentle wanting to please.
Never having known a man so….nice….,
Resisting temptation to play and to tease.
I take the lead, coaxing him, setting him free
From tight pants. Overcoming my inhibitions.
Allowing the feelings within my body to guide me,
Touching, caressing, familiarising.

Taut buttocks. Strong legs.
Crouching over me like a sleek panther.
"Make me yours forever", he begs.
Fingers winding in his coarse, soft, chest hair.
Drowning in the smell of him,
Aftershave and fresh perspiration. Bare,
Breasts against him, lips kissing his maleness.
He comes to me, we are as one,
As though nothing will ever part us again.
Passions flaring, like they have never done.
Awakening desires that long lay dormant.

Tongues finding many an erotic zone,
Adding fuel to the fire's glowing embers.

© Brenda Diskin 1996 , 2012