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Personal readings are a minimum of 30 minutes in duration, you are encouraged to record your personal readings for your future reference.Readings are for spiritual and general guidance only and in no way affect your own free will.

(In accordance with Government guidelines I have to state that readings are for entertainment purposes only. By saying this it does not mean that I agree with this practice.)

"Oh, Brenda!

Thank you so much for your lovely email. Simon and I often talk about you and I always tell the story of that first reading you gave me (do you remember?) in which you asked me if I had ever thought about writing. I was really taken aback (to put it mildly) at the time because I had other plans for my creative life, but YOU WERE SPOT ON! Thank you for that and for saying such nice things about the site. Please let me know when you are next in London, I would love to see you again!

I really hope life is good for you.

Lots of love, Andrew" 09/09/2011

"Hi Brenda,
Erm not sure how to say this but your reading probably stopped me from topping myself tonight.The girl aboard turned into bad news as the person in the background is a bloke she recently met.Who knows if the rest of the reading becomes true but at least I can take solace in the fact that if I did not listen to the reading again I don't know what state I would be in now.
Thank you again"
31/05/2013: 00.02am

"Thank you so much, you have given me the hope I had lost with music,
and I definitely have felt a pull
back to the spiritual side of life again. I now know its a must that I
follow that path and make it more of a priority in my life.
The only grandma I knew about who sang was ada who I never met but if
it was great grandma it would be mabel, she is around me a lot.
Jenny ...... the only jenny I can think of is a medium friend I knew
who may have lost her battle with cancer!! im gobsmacked if it is her
but cannot think of another jenny!!bless her if that's the case. And man
wise, well il just go with the flow and enjoy I think.

thanks again, A xxxx" 10/07/2013

Sairah Brighton Copy editor/ proof readere
Brenda is exceptional in her field, and by far one of the best I've seen. Her attention to detail, coupled with her warm and friendly nature make her completely approachable. I truly recommend her services, and I can not praise her enough."
November 27, 2012

Brian Maisey Manager at Exclusive HiFi
Although being highly suspect of what I am unable to understand, I was unable to help a friend in certain matters, having known of Brendas for me rather mystical ways, I arranged for her to meet him and see if she could remedy the situation. Almost immediately things improved and after a third visit to my friends newly acquired but ancient premises all the strange noises and movement that had caused so much anxiety finally ceased. Jonathan sold the premises in 2007 although all the problems had been resolved it still worried him what went on in those first few months. The new owner has not reported anything untoward. Brenda's fee was unknown to me but Jonathan without letting on, assured me that he was pleasantly surprised of the fee, although she spent some considerable time at the premises. I have never personally needed any such help and hope I never will, but should a problem arise I would most probably have to cover flight and hotel costs, but then I am unsure how an English Lady would make contact so to say with some Germans that have passed on.
July 31, 2012, Brian was Brenda's client


Simon Weale Piano teacher at St Paul's girls' School
I have known Brenda for many years and she has had an incredibly strong influence on my life. I sat in her development circle for 5 years and was attuned to all 3 levels of Reiki by her. She is a very gifted, inspiring teacher and one of the most talented mediums that I have ever met. I cannot recommend this lady highly enough!"
July 29, 2012,
Andrew Weale Children's author, performer, film maker, lecturer, trainer
Brenda gave me my first spiritual reading in 1995 and it changed my life. I was intent at the time on developing my acting and singing career, but she was adamant when she told me that I am a writer. Now, over 15 years later, I have 4 children's books to my name, and two more awaiting publication."
July 29, 2012, Andrew was Brenda's client
Daniel Naughnane Partner in Purple Lady Rainbow Healing Sanctuary on the Move
Brenda is reliable and gives good value for money. She teaches, gives readings and is also very creative. She is an expert on the paranormal"
August 21, 2012, Daniel was Brenda's client
E H Cain Gerrod MscD Phd Consulting, Emerging Market Development
Dr. Diskin is extremely keen on helping people. One thing to appreciate is her desire to understand and connect a person to a solution and true healing.

Her follow-through and sense of community has been inspirational.
July 28, 2012, E H Cain

Wendy -Yvonne Blease Receptionist, Administration, Customer Services, Trainer Holistic Therapies
Brenda is a highly motivated and a personable person to work for and with. Brenda is knowledgeable in her work and adheres to a high standard of ethics and professionalism. I would highly recommend Brenda.
July 26, 2012, Wendy-Yvonne was Brenda's client
Patricia McNally Purple Lady Rainbow Healing Sanctuary
I have known Brenda for many years and she is an experienced medium. The information she imparts is accurate, moreover is delivered with understanding and compassion. I am sure you will be very happy with the results you get and I have no hesitation in recommending her.
July 25, 2012, Patricia was Brenda's client
Emmanuel Norman Nakhokho
Project Director at Bunabumali Good Samaritan Orphan & Needy Project
Am so pleased to have you empowered that for the efforts yu have towards my project
July 25, 2012, Emmanuel Norman was with another company when working with Brenda at Circle of Friends Sheffield
Sheffield Parkway Club/Gala Bingo Charity Ghost Hunt in aid of Sue Ryder Cancer Charity Wednesday April 22nd 2009


Hi Brenda , I just wanted to say thank you for a very interesting and
enjoyable night on Wednesday. Both my daughter and myself were really
impressed with yourself and your colleagues.
I would be interested in future investigations so would appreciate it
if you could email me any details.
Thanks again for a brill night.


Joanne Curren wrote
at 8:04pm yesterday
it was fantastic , everyone realy enjoyed it. thank you so much brenda and her team x

Seekers Trust, West Malling, Kent. Saturday 20th February 2010 Evening of Trance and Transfiguration

"myself and my friend really enjoyed the evening. It was wonderful to watch you all working and I know it couldn't have been easy for you especially as there were some people fidgeting in the room which must have been very off putting. I think you all coped admirably!

I want to thank you so much for allowing my dad to speak through you. I was so shocked as it was so unexpected, but the message he spoke through you blew me away. It proved to me beyond doubt that it was him, only myself and my mum were in the room moments after he passed, so nobody other than us could have known the words we spoke to him just after his passing. It was of great comfort to my mum too, so thank you so so much. I was able to have a long chat with Pat and her partner afterwards as I am particularly interested in the indigo/rainbow children, so for me the evening was just wonderful. You were all excellent, congratulations on all your hard work, I look forward to seeing you all again in the future."

Sarah Worksop October 16th 2010

Would just like to say thankyou so...so much for your reading Brenda last saturday in Worksop it has so much put my mind at ease, everything was so accurate to be honest it blew my mind. Very grateful x

Pam Rotherham June 14th 2011

Many thanks for your help in my development. You have given me the confidence I so badly lacked. I wish you health, peace and prosperity.

An audience at the Seekers Trust in West Malling Kent, on Saturday 20th February 2010, were privileged to see a rare public performance of deep trance and transfiguration by physical medium Brenda Diskin. Ms Diskin has been working this way at private sittings and on investigations with her paranormal group, Sheffield Paranormal Investigations, for several years now. Originally from London, she now resides in Sheffield; she shared the platform at this event with two other trance channellers, Isabel Hamlin and Daniel Naughnane.

A member of the audience said "I was amazed. A man who gave his name as 'Harry' spoke directly to his daughter who was sitting in the audience". A touch of humour was added to the proceedings by a visit of a lady piano teacher.

We hope to see more of Ms Diskin

The event was one of a series of regular events hosted by Patricia McNally and Daniel Naughnane, at this popular venue, the last of which featured 60's icon Julie Felix.

Carol Rotherham April 21st 2012

Just want to say a massive thank-you for Thursday, it was a brilliant day, you are the best teacher I could have wished for, so looking forward to doing 2 in July xxx

AC 29th July 2013 10.19 am

Hi Brenda thank you so much for the reading. Everything you said was spot on. I have been married for 11 years and yes my husband is very un emotional, the career change is spot on as I am finishing my career in beauty (self employed) and going on to practice reiki. The friend around me who is untrustworthy I think I know who that is please can I send a couple if pics via email and see if you get which one it is? Overall thank you so much for your very precise reading

Dear Brenda
In fact you predicted Gitte Dittes career the first time we meet you in
England. In the reading you asked Gitte Ditte if she were making
paintings. She said NO. She could not understand what you mean. She told
you, that she could not paint or draw. You told her: You should begin to
paint, because you have lots of talent!

As you maybe know, Gitte Ditte start a career of paintings for two
years an a half ago. She had never had training sessions or leant to
paint, but she have allready sold lots of paintings and have good success.

You can see her paintings at www.gitteditte.dk

You are welcome to use this story if you want!

Hope everthing is going the right way in your life!!!

Lots of love from
Gitte Ditte and Morgan (Denmark)

December 16th 2013
The reading makes a lot of sense.
Kind Regards
Penny x (actress)

November 14th 2013
Hi Brenda,

Thank you for coming and doing that first session again for us, I found it really interesting and so did the learners, they were still talking about it the following week, so you definitely had an impact.

James Kowacz
Functional Skills Coordinator

Thanks very much for today. It resonated very strongly with me. It was nice to meet you and I really wish you strength in your loss for Chelsea. 3 Sep 2013, at 12:49 Lynwen
thankyou for my reading Brenda a lot of the things you said did make sensei am a bit of a soft touch and always put others before myself which is my nature but sometimes feel nobody cares will try and be stronger thankyouxxx 19/01/2014 Gloria Hill
hi Brenda you did me a reading told me I would find a piece of jewellery I had lost been upstairs found it under my dressing table looked there a million times thankyou xxx 20/01/2014 Gloria Hill

and one of the best text book demonstrations of mediumship I have seen, by Brenda Diskin.

Chris Forster 10th March 2017 Skegness Grosvenor Grand Hotel

Great night last night watching medium Brenda Diskin work and also other fab mediums and also entertainers doing mentalism also was lots of laughter and some beautiful evidential mediumship by Brenda what a lovely lady, there was Chris Forster, Micheal Wysockyt, Clemens Brennan,
Natasha Harries (Medium) 10th March 2017

I met you tonight at Birstal and I am really interested in having a reading with you. The information you gave my friend was so accurate it was amazing.
Alison 05/04/2017

Brenda thank you so much for coming to the Cafe.   Everyone really enjoyed the evening and said how lovely they thought you were.  I will keep in touch and will organise another evening with you soon. Hilary 30/03/2018

Hi Brenda,
You did a reading for me at a psychic fair in Wath on dearne last year.
You told me to get people to come and watch my interactive theatre show rather than going to them, so I did. 
The response has been phenomenal!!
You also gave me a copy of your ‘Running from hippos’ book.
My organisation is really taking off thanks to you.
Lisa Bell= 25/04.22



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Carol Mottershead  Brenda is a brilliant clairvoyant. At the time of the reading, I couldn't make any sense of the information she gave and I was about to dismiss the reading until it started to come true!! I keep a record of any readings I get or I record them to refer back to, and she was so accurate it was scary! I couldn't believe it! Thanks Brenda Diskin


"Absolutely cracking feedback today. 
Thank you so much for a brilliant evening x"


"Awesome evening Brenda with evidential mediumship at its best xx"~ Sonia Wallis

"I hope to see you again soon Brenda, you gave me the message I was waiting so long for x"~ Nik Ashby

Lynne Joy - 29/03/24. "I was there the other night at the Old Nick in Gainsborough Brenda.. you gave me a fantastic accurate reading, so I’d just like to to say thankyou..and hope to see you again in the future… xx"

Rebecca - Halifax

"Can I get another one to one reading? You were unreal last time and so far everything you said has come true".




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