What Is Love?

What is love?
I thought I knew
I thought it was something
that blossomed and grew.

I didn't know
it was pain and hurt,
calling names,
dishing dirt.

I thought it was something
that was made to last.
Through good and bad times
present and past.

I didn't know
it could cut to the hilt,
that it could cause
such grief and guilt.

I thought it was sharing
our interests, fun.
Snuggling up
when the day is done.

I didn't know
it would break my heart.
Wreck my life,
tear me apart.

I thought it would last
forever and a day,
always together,
growing old and grey.

I didn't know
you'd throw it away,
that you'd make me cry
and beg you to stay.

I though it was something
that we could mend.
If it's not broken
then it can't end.

I didn't know
you would push me away
with a few cruel words
said in haste one day.

I thought it was special
for me and you.
That we were an item
and we'd make it through.

Now I don't know if it's something
that we can repair
but we have so much in common,
so much to share

© Brenda Diskin 1996 onwards, 2012